Illustration for Storytellers - HD video class


We designed this class for the author who wants to learn to illustrate their own manuscripts or the artist who never got to take illustration, children's book, or narrative illustration classes.

These are the most important lessons Jake and Will teach in their college classes. This is a great first class to get you headed in the right direction to perfecting your craft.

You will learn:

- Character design
- Perspective
- Visual Literacy
- Color theory
- Composition
- Making a book
- How to market yourself

The course is team taught by Will Terry and Jake Parker. You will watch students take an assignment from start to finish and have their work critiqued by Jake & Will. You will receive the video recording of the class - every question and answer posed by full version students and all the material presented in class.

You will not be able to ask questions, receive critiques, or have the follow up skype call that students in the full class will receive.

Ideal for the prospective children's book illustrator.